This site is brand new, and a work-in-progress.  All sites should be ready by 1/31/2017

Creative Writing

Whenever I get bit by the creative bug, I write.  Mostly short stories inspired by the logic of science fiction with the imagination of fantasy.  Or....just a caterpillar and an apple, but never finished.

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Personal Blog

From personal opinions to faith, and from driving to love, this blog is my personal thoughts, inspirations, and overall ramblings.


DIY / Building

Want to know what I'm building?  Here are some projects that I'm doing, and hopefully finishing.  From cabinetry to a kegerator, and from arcades to coffee tables.  Yes, I have a problem.

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Enterprise Tech

Over time, I have gained a lot of experience and skills in Enterprise Technology, including programming, DevOps, Networking, and other infrastructure systems.

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